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Two Lodges were chartered in Jackson, Missouri, neither of which was permanent, before Excelsior Lodge was chartered.

    The first, Unity Lodge #6 AF&AM began in Jackson in March 1822. It was one of the first Masonic Lodges chartered in Missouri. Records of its meetings or the number of years until it ceased to exist are unavailable. A list of its Charter Members are:
    Alexander Buckner, Worshipful Master, Edward S. Garritt, Senior Warden, Joseph Frizel, Junior Warden, John Cross, Senior Deacon, N.W. Watkins, Junior Decon, and William Neal, Steward and Tyler.  Other members: Johnson Ranney, Edward Criddle, John Hays, Mirrot M. Whitney, George Brillitt, John G. Vauce, Charles Seavers, William Garner, John Russell, Theodore Jones, Edmund Rutter, and David Hyler

Acacia Lodge #95 AF&AM
    Acacia Lodge #95 AF&AM was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri on December 13, 1847 with the following officers and members.: George M. Beattie, Worshipful Master, Edward Criddle, Senior Warden, James McCleon, Junior Warden, Samuel A. Hill, Senior Deacon, W.C. Ranney, Secretary, William E. McGuire, Tyler, WW Gitt, NW Watkins and RH Lawton.
    At the first meeting petitions were received from AT Search, Andrew Summers, and Jason Watson, all of whom were received into the lodge. Meetings were held in the second story of a brick building on Main Street, owned by Dr. Neale. For the first two or three years the lodge was very prosperous, it then led a somewhat precarious existence until 1858, when it was disbanded.
    The Worshipful Masters during its existence were:
        George W. Ferguson 1848-49, A.T. Search 1849-1850, G. Dennison 1850-51, George M. Beattie 1851-54, William E. McGuire 1854-55, and George M. Beattie 1855-58.

Excelsior Lodge #441 AF&AM
    Acacia Lodge having gone down during the vicissitudes of the Civil War a number of masons residing in Jackson, some of whom had belonged to the dead lodge, and others being members of Cape Girardeau or Millersville Lodges, determined to establish a new lodge and on February 17, 1872 a dispensation was issued to Brother N.C. Harrison as Worshipful Master, James F. Edwards as Senior Warden, and Leo Rousell as Junior Warden.
    On the 24th of the same month the following officers were added: Jacob Tobler as Secreatry, John V. Priest as Treasurer, C.H. Friedrichs as Senior Deacon, J.P. Isabell as Junior Deacon and F.M. Williams as Yler.  These officers were the entire membership excepting Brother Ed G. Irwin.
    Excelsior Lodge #441 AF&AM was granted its Charter October 16, 1872.